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Suicide is a word we often hear, but don't want to discuss.  It's almost impossible these days to meet someone that has not been affected by suicide.  I personally have had to deal with it even in my own family.  There's something that happens inside you when you go through this tragedy. When my cousin committed suicide 10 years ago it broke down a part of me.  Since then I have lost friends and clients, and have met several people that have dealt with the idea of suicide.  Each one has their own reason and experience, but the pain is the constant.  I have thought about how to raise awareness and funds for mental health issues.  This is how #hugsnothammers came about.  What does the name mean?  Well, show compassion, love and acceptance to people that otherwise you would belittle and judge.  We all have troubles that we deal with daily that are hidden behind smiles and laughter.  Be a reason that someone stays with us one more day.  Be the light that draws the person out of their darkness.  With every purchase, 20% will go to various non profits that help the community deal with mental health issues such as depression and suicide.  I believe we can all help one way or another.  I thank you in advance for your purchase. If you would like to read how suicide affected me and my family, please see my blog post on the issue.

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